Why choose a LED collar?
Fur Bebe's Premium Dual Line LED Collars were designed specifically with SAFETY in mind. Collision with cars is unfortunately one of the most common causes of injury among dogs. If you can reduce the risk of this happening simply by ensuring your dog is seen and visible, why wouldn't you choose a LED collar? Furthermore, you will never lose sight of your pet again. Whether they are roaming around in the backyard, frolicking in the dog park, exploring in the woods, sharing a path with cyclists and pedestrians, crossing the street at night--there are hundreds of scenarios where your pet will benefit from the visibility of our LED collars. During the day your pup will look even more amazing with a beautiful pop of color with two varsity stripes. Function AND fashion, how can you go wrong?
Is the collar weather resistant?
Absolutely! We used quality materials to craft our collars so that they can be enjoyed all year long. Sunshine, wind, rain, snow and even splashing about in a puddle can't stop your pup from conquering the world in style while staying safe. We do not recommend submerging the collar under water.
What is the recharge cycle and the battery life?
Our collars use a rechargeable smart battery via included mini-USB cable. Charge anytime where there is a computer, laptop, USB transformer, power bank, etc. available. It takes approximately 30-90 minutes for a full charge, depending on the battery level. A fully charged battery will last up to 7-10 hours on continuous glow mode, and will only need to be re-charged once or twice a month depending on usage.
I see cheaper products available. What's the difference?
We aren't competing with the inexpensive collars in the marketplace. Remember, this is a safety product so quality over price point when choosing a LED collar. We did extensive research and gathered pet parent feedback before we designed our collars. Our LED can be seen over 1000 feet away. We're one of the new kids on the block so you can breathe easy knowing that we are using the latest and best technology. We offer a rechargeable battery pack with charging port cover, best LED light technology available resulting in brighter illumination, alloy D-ring, hardy snap buckle, sturdy nylon webbing that's flexible, comfortable and easy to adjust.
What’s the product warranty?
We offer a full lifetime replacement guarantee against factory defects. Yes, you read that right. Replacement guarantee for LIFE. We are a responsible company that stands behind our products!
What other products do you offer?
We have some other amazing items coming soon! We take our time before we launch a product because we only want to bring you the best. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for us, please send us a message -- we'd LOVE to hear from you.